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          Family Law is arguably the most important area of law
in our lives.
          However, many times when people are dealing with emotional turmoil and financial uncertainty of divorce and/or child custody, they don't realize how much they need a good family lawyer.  
            When a person's logic and reasoning are clouded by emotions and fear, he or she can not make clear decisions which affect not only their own lives but their children's lives for years to come.

Let me help.

Admitted to practice

South Carolina, 2015


The American University of Paris (France) 

Bachelor of Arts, 2001 
International Communications & French


Charleston School of Law 

Juris Doctor, 2014



Charleston County Bar Association

South Carolina Bar Association


Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding
Board of Directors, 2013 - 2016

Meredith Hastings Manley has experienced the Family Court system personally and professionally. She comes from a family of Chancery Court (Family Court) attorneys in Mississippi and worked summers during college at the local courthouse. During law school she clerked for retired Judge Paul W. Garfinkel at Charleston County Family Court.  


Meredith grew up near step-parents, step-siblings, and an every-other-weekend schedule.  She understands what it means to blend families and custody schedules. She co-parents and understands what works and what doesn't.  She is a certified Guardian ad Litem.


Her background prior to law is in real estate.  Meredith particularly understands how to handle real estate issues in divorce cases.  She is passionate about zealously advocating for her clients while aiming to resolve conflict without incurring needless legal fees on both sides.

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